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B Bearer channel (ISDN) Bottom
B/L Back Log
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
B2E Business to Employee
B2G Business-to-Government
B4 Before
B6ZS Bipolar with 6 Zero Substitution
B8ZS Bipolar with 8 Zero Substitution
B911 Basic 911
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BAC Back At Computer
BAC Basic Access Control
BAC By Any Chance
BACP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BAD Broken As Designed
BAK Back At Keyboard
BAMAF Bellcore Automatic Message Accounting Format
BANCS Bell Administrative Network Communications System
BANI BELL ATLANTIC Bell Atlantic Network Integration
BAP Bandwidth Allocation Potocol
BAPCO BellSouth Advertising and Publishing COmpany Top
BAPI Bridge Application Program Interface Bottom
BAR Base Address Register
BAS Basic Activity Subset
BASIC Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BAT Baby AT (motherboard)
BATMAN DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY Biochronicity and Temporal Mechanisms Arising in Nature (usually as BaTMAN)
BATV Bounce Address Tag Validation Acronym link in Wikipedia
BAUD Bits At Unit Density
BB Battery Backed-up (DRAM)
BB&N BOLT, BERANEK & NEWMAN Bolt, Beranek & Newman Additional Acronym Information
BBA Budget By Account
BBB BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU Better Business Bureau Additional Acronym Information
BBC BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION British Broadcasting Corporation Additional Acronym Information
BBC Broadband Bearer Capability
BBDRAM Battery Backed-up Dynamic Random Access Memory
BBEB SONY / CANON Broad Band eBook (usually as BBeB) File Format Standards Electronics Acronym link in Wikipedia
BBFN Bye Bye For Now
BBH Bouncing Busy Hour
BBL Be Back Later
BBS Be Back Soon
BBS Bulletin Board Service / Bulletin Board System
BBU Battery Back-Up
BBWC Battery-Backed Write Cache Storage Hardware Technology
BC Blind Copy Top
BC Block Check Bottom
BC Business Continuity
BCA Bridge Certification Authority Security / Privacy / Encryption Government / Military Communication
BCB Buffer Control Block
BCBD Before Component-Based Development
BCC Blind Carbon Copy / Blind Courtesy Copy
BCC Block Check Character
BCC Blocked Call Cleared
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BCD Blocked Calls Delayed
BCD Boot Configuration Data
BCDIC IBM Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
BCF Binary Color File
BCG Business Center Group
BCH Blocked Calls Held
BCIS U.S. GOVERNMENT [U.S.] Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
BCL Base Class Library
BCM Bult Changed Map (page)
BCN Beacon
BCNF E. F. CODD Boyce - Codd Normal Form
BCNU Be Seeing You
BCOB Broadband Class Of Bearer Top
BCP MICROSOFT CORPORATION Bulk Copy Program (usually as bcp) Bottom
BCP Business Communications Project
BCP Business Continuity Plan
BCP Byte-Control Protocols
BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language / Basic Computer Programming Language
BCR Blocked Calls Released
BCS BarCode Sorter
BCS Basic Combined Subset
BCS Batch Change Supplement
BCS Business Communications Systems
BCS Business Continuity Services
BCV Business Continuity Volume
BCW Burst Code - Word
BDA Broadcast Driver Architecture
BDAM IBM CORPORATION Basic Direct Access Method
BDC Backup Domain Controller
BDCS Broadband Digital Cross-connect System
BDE Block Diagram Editor
BDK SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. / ORACLE CORPORATION [Java] Beans Development Kit Programming Language Software / Applications Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in FOLDOC Acronym link in Wikipedia
BDLC Burroughs Data Link Control
BDN Bell Data Network
BDP Basic Data Partition Acronym link in Wikipedia Top
BDR Backup Designated Router Bottom
BDS QUALCOMM BREW Distribution System
BDS Building Distribution System
BDT BERKELEY DESIGN TECHNOLOGY, INC. Berkeley Design Technology Additional Acronym Information
BDT Billing Data Transmitter
BDUF Big Design Up Front (development model) Acronym link in Wikipedia
BE Best Effort
BEAST Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS (attack) Hack / Crack / Phreak Security / Privacy / Encryption Internet / World Wide Web / Cloud Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BEC Backward Error Correction
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BEDO Burst Extended - Data Out (RAM)
BEF Band Elimination Filter
BER Basic Encoding Rules
BER Bit Error Rate
BERKOM BERlin KOMmunikation
BERT Bit Error Rate Test / Bit Error Rate Tester
BET BET HOLDINGS INC. Black Entertainment Television Additional Acronym Information
BETEL Broadband Exchange over Trans-European Links
BETRS Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
BEV Battery Electric Vehicle Acronym link in Wikipedia
BF Bridge Function
BFF Best Friends Forever Top
BFF Binary File Format Bottom
BFM Bus Functional Model
BFN Bye For Now
BFT Binary File Transfer
BG Background
BG Big Grin
BG/EEE Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
BGEEE Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
BGI BORLAND INTERNATIONAL Borland Graphics Interface
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BGT Broadcast and Group Translators
BHAPI BSAFE Hardware Application Programming Interface
BHC Busy Hour Calls
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts
BHLI Broadband High Layer Information
BHO MICROSOFT CORPORATION Browser Helper Object Acronym link in Wikipedia
BI Backplane Interconnect
BI Beginning Inventory
BI Business Intelligence
BIA Burned - In Address
BIAS BERKELEY INTEGRATED AUDIO SOFTWARE Berkeley Integrated Audio Software Additional Acronym Information
BIAS Burroughs Integrated Adaptive System
BIB Bus Interface Board Top
BICI Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface Bottom
B-ICI Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
BICISAAL Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
B-ICISAAL Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
BICMOS Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BICSI BICSI, INC. Building Industry Consulting Service International (usually as BiCSi) Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BIF NCGA Benchmark Interface Format
BIM Basic Industry Marketing
BIM Bus Interface Model
BIMOS Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BIND INTERNET SOFTWARE CONSORTIUM Berkeley Internet Name Domain Additional Acronym Information
BINL Boot Information Negotiation Layer
BIOS Basic Input/Output System
BIP (Bluetooth) Basic Imaging Profile
BIP Bit Interleave Parity
BIPS Billions of Instructions Per Second
BIPS Boot Instructions Per Second
BIPV Bit Interleaved Parity Violation
BIS Boot Integrity Services
BIS Border Intermediate System (ATM Forum)
BISAM IBM CORPORATION Basic Indexed Sequential Access Method
BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
B-ISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BISP Business Information System Program Top
BISSI Broadband Inter Switching System Interface Bottom
BIST Built In Self Test
B-ISUP Broadband ISDN User's Part
BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communication / Binary Synchronous Control / Bisynchronous Communications
BIT Basic Information Unit
BIT Binary DigIT (sometimes as bit)
BIT Built In Test
BITBLT Bit-boundry BLock Transfer
BIT-BLT Bit-boundry BLock Transfer
BITE Built In Test Equipment
BITNET Because It's Time NETwork
BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service
BIU Basic Information Unit
BIU Bus Interface Unit
BIX BYTE Information eXchange
BJS Bureau of Justice Statistics
BKERT BlocK Error Rate Tester
BLAST BELL LABORATORIES Bell (Labs) Layered Space-Time
BLAST Blocked Asynchronous / Synchronous Transmission
BLD Basic Logic Dialect
BLED Blue Light Emitting Diode
BLER BLock Error Rate
BLERT BLock Error Rate Test / BLock Error Rate Tester
BLF Busy Lamp Field / Busy Line Field Top
BLLI Broadband Low Layer Information Bottom
B-LLI Broadband Low Layer Information
BLM U.S. GOVERNMENT Bureau of Land Management Additional Acronym Information
BLNT Broadband Local Network Technology
BLOB Binary Large OBject
BLOP Basic Local OPeration
B-LOP Basic Local OPeration
BLS Business Listing Service
BLU Basic Link Unit
BLV Busy Line Verification
BMA Broadcast Multiple Access
BMC Baseboard Management Controller
BMC Basic Monthly Charge
BMC Bulk Mail Center
BMI OBJECT MANAGEMENT GROUP Business Modeling & Integration Process Management Software / Applications Standards Additional Acronym Information
BMOS Bytex Matrix Operating System
BMP THE UNICODE CONSORTIUM (Unicode) Basic Multilingual Plane Technology Standards Storage Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in FOLDOC Acronym link in Wikipedia
BMP Batch Message Processing (program)
BMP BER Management Protocol
BMP Bitmap (usually as .BMP) Graphics / Imaging / Photography File Format Computers Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in FOLDOC Acronym link in Wikipedia
BMP Business Management Platform
BMS (CICS) Basic Mapping Support
BMS BANYAN Banyan Mail Services
BMS Business Management Solution Top
BMU Basic Measurement Unit Bottom
BN Bridge Number
BNA Burroughs Network Architecture
BNC Bayonet Navy Connector / Bayonet Nut Connector / Bayonet - Neill - Concelnan
BNF Backus-Naur Form
BNIB Brand New In Box (product condition) Internet / World Wide Web / Cloud Business IRC / IM / Chat / Texting / Jargon Acronym link in Wikipedia
BNS Billed Number Screening
BNT B-ISDN Network Termination
BNT Broadband Network Termination
B-NT Broadband Network Termination
B-NT1 B-ISDN Network Termination 1
B-NT2 B-ISDN Network Termination 2
BOA Basic Object Adapter
BOC Bell Operating Company
BOCOEX BOSTON COMPUTER EXCHANGE Boston Computer Exchange (usually as BoCoEx)
BOD Bandwidth-On-Demand
BOD Board Of Directors
BOF Beginning Of File
BOF Beginning Of Form
BOF Birds of a Feather (usually as BoF)
BOFH (Submitted by SIMON TRAVAGLIAS) Bastard Operator From Hell
BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again Joke / Humor IRC / IM / Chat / Texting / Jargon Government / Military Acronym link in FOLDOC
BOI Basic Operators Interface
BOIS Business Office Information Systems Top
BOLO Be On the Look-Out IRC / IM / Chat / Texting / Jargon Government / Military Hack / Crack / Phreak Acronym link in Wikipedia Bottom
BOM (Unicode) Byte Order Mark Standards File Format Language Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BOM Beginning Of Media
BOM Beginning Of Message
BOM Bill Of Materials
BOM Browser Object Model Internet / World Wide Web / Cloud Programming Standards Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BONDING Bandwidth On Demand InterNetworking Group / Bandwidth ON Demand INteroperability Group
BONES Block Oriented Network Simulator (usually as BONeS)
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol
BOP Beginning Of Partition
BOP Bit-Oriented Protocol
BOPS Billion Operations Per Second
BOR Basic Output Report
BORSCHT Battery/Overvoltage/Ringing/Supervision/Coding/Hybrid/Test
BOS Base Operating System
BOSS Billing and Order Support System
BOT Beginning Of Tape
BOT Bulk Only Transport
BOW BROTHERHOOD OF WAREZ Brotherhood Of Warez (usually as BoW)
BPA Business Process Automation
BPA BPA INTERNATIONAL Business Publications Audit Additional Acronym Information
BPAM IBM CORPORATION Basic Partitioned Access Method
BPB BIOS Parameter Block
BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit Top
BPEL4WS IBM / MICROSOFT Business Process Execution Language for Web Services Bottom
BPFM Business Process Flow Management (system)
BPI Bits Per Inch / Bytes Per Inch
BPL Broadband over Power Lines
BPM Books Per Minute
BPM Business Process Management Process Management Software / Applications Standards Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BPM Business Process Modeling Process Management Standards Language Acronym link in Wikipedia
BPMI BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE / OBJECT MANAGEMENT GROUP Business Process Management Initiative Process Management Company / Organization / Group Standards Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BPMN OBJECT MANAGEMENT GROUP Business Process Model and Notation / Business Process Modeling Notation Process Management Standards Language Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BPNRZ BiPolar Non-Return-To-Zero
BPO Business Process Outsourcing
BPOC Bell Point Of Contact
BPOS MICROSOFT CORPORATION (Microsoft) Business Productivity Online Suite / Business Productivity Online Standard suite Internet / World Wide Web / Cloud Software / Applications Business Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BPP (Bluetooth) Basic Printing Profile
BPP Bits Per Pixel (usually as bpp)
BPP Bridge Port Pair
BPR Business Process Re-engineering
BPRZ BiPolar Return-To-Zero
BPS Bits Per Second (usually as bps) / Bytes Per Second (usually as Bps)
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying
BPSS Basic Packet Switching Service / Bell Packet Switching System
BPV BiPolar Violation
BQFP Bumpered Quad Flat Package Electronics Hardware Computers Acronym link in Wikipedia
BQFPH Bumpered Quad Flat Package with Heat spreader Electronics Hardware Computers Acronym link in Wikipedia Top
BQS Berkeley Quality Software Bottom
BRA Basic Rate Access
BRAT Business Residence Account Tracking system
BRB Be Right Back
BRCS Business Residence Custom Service
BREACH ANGELO PRADO / NEAL HARRIS / YOEL GLUCK Browser Reconnaissance and Exfiltration via Adaptive Compression of Hypertext Hack / Crack / Phreak Security / Privacy / Encryption Internet / World Wide Web / Cloud Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BREW QUALCOMM Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless
BRF NCGA Benchmark Report Format
BRI Basic Rate Interface (ISDN)
BRIE Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
BRM Basic Remote Module
BRM Big Real Mode
BRM U.S. POSTAL SERVICE Business Reply Mail
BRMAS U.S. POSTAL SERVICE Business Reply Mail Accounting System
BRMTP Batch Simple Message Transfer Protocol
BRS Bibliographic Research Service
BRS Big Red Switch
BRS Business Recovery Services
BS BackSpace (ASCII)
BS Banded Signaling
BS BSI GROUP British Standard Acronym link in Wikipedia
BSA Basic Service Arrangement
BSAM IBM CORPORATION Basic Sequential Access Method Top
BSBH Busy Season Busy Hour Bottom
BSC Binary Synchronous Communication / BiSync Communication
BSC Binary Synchronous Control
BSC Business Service Center
BSCCO Barium Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide
BSCM BiSynchronous Communications Module
BSD Berkeley Software Distribution / Berkeley System Distribution
BSDI Berkeley Socket Data Interface
BSE Basic Service Element
BSF Bell Shock Force
BSI BRITISH STANDARDS INSTITUTE British Standards Institute Additional Acronym Information
BSI Business Sensitive Information
BSN Broadband Service Node
BSOC Bell Systems Operating Company
BSOD Blue Screen of Death (sometimes as BSoD) Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in FOLDOC Acronym link in Wikipedia
BSP Bell System Practice
BSP Biller Service Provider
BSP Bit Slice Processor
BSR Board of Standards Review
BSRAM Burst Static Random Access Memory
BSRF Basic System Reference Frequency
BSRFS Bell System Reference Frequency Standard
BSS Basic Service Set (802.11 - 1999 Standard) Acronym link in Wikipedia
BSS Basic Synchronized Subset Top
BSS Broadband Switching System Bottom
BSSID Basic Service Set Identifier Acronym link in Wikipedia
BST Basic Services Terminal
BSTJ Bell System Technical Journal
BSVC Broadcast Switched Virtual Connections
BSW Buried Service Wire
BT BRITISH TELECOMMUNICATIONS PLC British Telecom Additional Acronym Information
BT Burst Tolerance
BT Bus Terminator
BT Business Technology
BTA B-ISDN Terminal Adapter
B-TA B-ISDN Terminal Adapter
BTAM IBM CORPORATION Basic Telecommunications Access Method Communication Networking Computers Acronym link in Wikipedia
BTDT Been There, Done That
BTDTGTS Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt
BTE B-ISDN Terminal Equipment
BTE Broadband Terminal Equipment
B-TE B-ISDN Terminal Equipment ( 1 or 2 )
BTL Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTM NCGA Benchmark Timing Methodology
BTN Billing Telephone Number
BTP Batch Transfer Program
BTR Bit Transfer Rate Top
BTS Base Transceiver Station Bottom
BTU Basic Transmission Unit
BTU British Thermal Unit
BTW BIZARRE TYPES OF WARES Bizarre Types of Wares / BiZaRRe TYPeZ oF WaReZ
BTW By The Way
BTX INTEL CORPORATION Balanced Technology Extended Computers Hardware Standards Additional Acronym Information Acronym link in Wikipedia
BUC Bus Unit Controller
BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server
BVA Billing Validation Application
BVAPP Billing Verification and Authorization for Payment Process
BVC Billing Validation Center
BW BandWidth
BWM Broadcast Warning Message
BWQ Buzz Word Quotient
BWT Broadcast Warning TWX
BWTS BandWidth Test Set
BXA U.S. GOVERNMENT (U.S.) Bureau of Export Administration
BYOC Bring Your Own Computer / Buy Your Own Computer
BYOD Bring Your Own Device
BYOL Bring Your Own License Internet / World Wide Web / Cloud Laws / Regulations Software / Applications
BZT Bundesamt fur Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation
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